How common is back pain? The majority of people in the United States will suffer from lower back pain at least once in their lifetimes. But treating the pain can be complex and is usually best done with advice from a physical therapist.

Some people may require surgery to treat their back pain. However, surgery comes with significant risks. After back surgery, you should follow a program of structured exercise for at least six to eight weeks. Such a regimen can help




  • relieve pain and inflammation
  • enhance mobility
  • improve overall fitness
  • encourage proper body mechanics


But surgery may not be inevitable. Working with you and your physician, we can design an individualized program that can reduce back pain. Your program might include targeted abdominal and back muscle exercises, low-impact aerobics that do not harm your back and exercises to gently improve flexibility.

We can also provide advice on how to improve your posture and perform basic movements. These simple changes can help you prevent injury by teaching you how to stand correctly, lift without strain and sit properly.

Exercises to treat back pain are less invasive than surgery and do not require the downtime or intensive rehabilitation that often comes with a surgical procedure. In most instances, you will experience a major improvement that can help you avoid the need for back surgery. After six to eight weeks, your physician can assess your progress to determine a future course of treatment. To ensure that you get the pain relief you need, talk with us about the best exercise program for alleviating your back pain.

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